Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Steve Clemons

He's smarter than you, he's better connected than you, and he's talking about the latest U.S./Iranian news.

Repeat Post

Because it deserves more play. Via The Sideshow, a new song from Richard Thompson. Free.

As a commenter pointed out, "Dad" refers to Baghdad.

Don't Ask

Just enjoy. Really. I mean it.

Say It Ain't So, Jack

Put on your spittle-guard. Loony people will soon be freaking out about this story (via):
24 star Kiefer Sutherland has accepted an invitation from the U.S. military to teach army cadets it is wrong to torture prisoners.

Sutherland, who plays agent Jack Bauer on the show, has agreed to talk to cadets at the West Point military academy in New York state after army chiefs claimed the show's torture scenes are influencing its newest recruits.

More here from the New Yorker.

Interesting Things

• One less thing to worry about.

Via: The Complete Sherlock Holmes.

• From Romenesko's Reading Room, everybody leaves a tip:
Go-go bar patron severs finger in bar stool accident

With blood gushing from his left hand, the 46-year-old man somehow stayed in his seat for 15 minutes before finally alerting a bartender. "I don't know if he was watching the dancers or embarrassed," says a cop. The finger tip was recovered.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Bad Music Radio

From Metafilter, Bad Music Radio. Just in case the music you've been listening too is too good and you need to bring yourself down to Earth again.

I Will Not Say "Down Under" Once in This Post

Australia rocked by 'lesbian' koala revelation

Female koalas indulge in lesbian "sex sessions", rejecting male suitors and attempting to mate with each other, sometimes up to five at a time, according to researchers.

The funniest part is that this is a paper from New Zealand—hence the "Australia rocked" headline.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Violet the Octupus

Another one from Biomes Blog.

Octopus Opening a Jar

Via Pharyngula:

Phasers on "Suck It"!

Second link from Steve Gilliard. Too damn funny.

Take the Sunni/Shia Test

Take the test. I got one wrong.

Brains on Display

That really says it all.

Mixed Doubles?

This article has a photo of Maria Sharapova in a bikini alongside it. I can't remember what it's about.

Chimps Make Bush Baby-Kabobs

From the L. A. Times:

The chimps were repeatedly seen using their hands and teeth to tear the side branches off long straight sticks and peeling back the bark and sharpening one end of the sticks with their teeth, the researchers report in Thursday's online issue of the journal Current Biology. Then, grasping the weapon in a "power grip," they jabbed into tree-branch hollows where bush babies — small monkey-like mammals — sleep during the day.

After stabbing their prey, they removed the injured or dead animal and ate it.

Man's Best Coat

That's ruff:

The Humane Society of the United States said it purchased coats from reputable outlets, such as upscale Nordstrom, with designer labels — Andrew Marc, Tommy Hilfiger, for example — and found them trimmed with fur from domestic dogs, even though the fur was advertised as fake.

Largest Squid Caught

36 ft., 990 lb. colossal squid caught off New Zealand.

If calamari rings were made from the squid they would be the size of tractor tires, he added.

No Balls

Really, no balls:

As the General Assembly debates global warming and the death penalty, Myers (R-Washington) has something else on his mind: the outsized plastic testicles that truckers dangle from the trailer hitches of their pickups.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Blogger Ate

i changed over to the new version of Blogger and it ate my link list, a couple of link lists, and changed the colors and all kinds of nonsense.