Saturday, June 17, 2006

Bottomfeeders: The Australia Fund

Christine and I are saving for a September trip to her old home in Australia (namely Sydney and the Northern Territory.) My traveling days never took me there and I am of course very excited. I have a goal to sell 200 copies of my CD, Bottomfeeders, by then to help finance the trip.

Bottomfeeders Cover
(I just scanned these shots of a CD—the designer has the image files.)

The CD features tracks such as I Can't Wait to do a Tracheotomy (a love song), Squirt (an ode to a friend after she had her baby), Donald (for my Dad. Bob Evoniuk's dobro kills), and You Can Use My Bathtub, which features background vocals by the incomparable Emy Phelps.

You can listen to tracks at MySpace, at Podsafe Music Network, and at Pure Volume. You can download tracks there, too. For free. And then come back here and buy a CD! (How cool!)

Bottomefeeders Back

A copy of Bottomfeeders will cost you $13, and that includes shipping here in the U.S. For international buyers, I'll add on only the cost of whatever kind of shipping you'd like me to use. Just hit the PayPal "Buy Now" button up in the top right of the page.

Thanks! I hope you enjoy the CD.

Late Update: Many thanks to Avedon Carol at the Sideshow.

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