Monday, June 16, 2008

Cousin of Taser'd Seizure Victim in Comments

I've gotten a response this morning to a link I posted on Saturday about a 30-year-old doctor who had a seizure while driving in Palm Beach County, crashed his car - and was taser'd when he confusedly fought with paramedics.

The response is from his cousin:

Mark is my very dear cousin. He is a compassionate and loving young doctor who puts everyone's need before his own. The idea that after suffering from a seizure and being involved in an serious car accident and showing visible signs of injury and distress, the very people who were supposed to be saving his life and removing him from danger instead tased him 11 times. Thank god he is now out of his coma but is still in critical condition. I am utterly disgusted and of course my main concern is his full recovery but what in such a case of police brutallity I can't rest until justice is served. Please pray for him.

They tased him 11 freaking times. And he showed visible injury, the cousin says, and the ordeal put him in a coma. Just impossible to understand. Absolutely deserving of a police brutality investigation and lawsuit and possibly criminal charges.

My best wishes for your cousin.



Bpaul said...

I was tracking taser abuse doggedly for a while, but the information started eating my soul and morale. These things are portable torture devices.

I'm so sorry for this man, and I hope he recovers.


Anonymous said...

you should pursue this to the fullest extent of the law. I know Mark too.

Anonymous said...

Leave contact info, please.

Anonymous said...

The guy just stood there to get tasered....NOT....why stop telling the ENTIRE story about how he attacked the cops prior to being tasered and how he was putting himself in more danger by walking into oncoming traffice....GEESH! Get a life and see the whole picture before you make judgements!!

thepoetryman said...

Hey final anonymous,
Careful. You might get tased for acting so erratic. you know tasering someone for wandering into traffic might prove to be completely stupid. I'm only guessing that it would not be the best way to keep someone from being hit by a car, but then I am not an expert on tasering or crossing a busy highway...

LT said...

Hey fianl anonymous - next time you need help, give me a cll and I'll taser you 11 times. Idiot.

And do you have any experience with or knowledge about seizures? Stupid question.

thepoetryman said...