Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Yellowstone Earthquake Coming to Solve World's Problems

Yellowstone National Park is home to what is probably the largest caldera in the world, and it has an active ocean of restless magma underneath it. It's a supervolcano. And it's acting super funny:

Scientists are questioning whether a historic volcano in Yellowstone National Park is preparing to erupt after a swarm of earthquakes shook the area.

Yellowstone National Park rarely experiences earthquakes of any "real" magnitude, but starting on December 26, the area has been hit several times by earthquakes up to 3.9 in magnitude.
Scientists and researchers are stumped as to why the earthquakes are stronger than usual and aren't sure if it's indicative of a problem.

The latest from the USGS.



Anonymous said...

Maybe the geophysicists and seismologists want to hop on board with quakefinder and install some sensors. Perhaps we can get some accurate reads of electromagnetic field changes to see if there really is going to be a "big one" at Yellowstone. I hope not and I know it is a highly active area. I have been to Yellowstone several times and am always impressed by its majestic beauty ~~ even when seeing it just a few months after the huge fire in the 90s. We can thank Teddy Roosevelt for creating the Nat'l Park System and knowing one day it would be the only nature some of us city dwellers get to experience with awe.

LT said...

The USGS says that this is not as abnormal as some say it is and that the situation is at "normal."

Anonymous said...

All the articles I read say that while it is not unusual for Yellowstone to have earthquakes, the clustering of them is cause for concern. Not unlike USGS to downplay geophysical events ~~ they are very old-school and don't like to try many new concepts or programs.

Tours4Fun said...

Scientists say this many earthquakes in so few of days is not normal.

Geologists predict that if there was an eruption we'd know a few weeks beforehand. Imagine the refuge crisis. The entire United States, Canada, Mexico, and a few other countries would have to be evacuated.