Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Seve Ballesteros Update

Update: It's May 8, 2011, in Australia, and I've just learned that Seve has died.  My final post on him here.

Spanish golfing great Seve Ballesteros, battling brain cancer, has spoken publicly for the first time since being diagnosed in October, 2008. (Several updates at link, last from May, 2011.)

(And I just found that great photo - click to enlarge - on a PDF at his Web site.)

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Mitchell said...

Prayers are with you, for I saw you play the first time in my life at the Greater Greensboro Open, 1981 Forest Oaks CC, and thought then, what a wonderful skill and mindset for the game of Golf!

God Bless you and your Family thru this difficult time, and KEEP YOUR FAITH.

Sincerely, Mitch from New Jersey

LT said...

Very nice of you, Mitch. He really has done amazingly well against that awful disease. Here's to you, Seve.