Friday, June 12, 2009

DHS: Location of Coal Ash Sites "Too Dangerous" To Reveal To Public

Updating this post about the December, 2008, coal ash slurry spill in Tennessee, we get this news today:

Just how bad has the coal ash situation gotten in the United States? So bad that the Department of Homeland Security has told Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) that her committee can't publicly disclose the location of coal ash dumps across the country.

The pollution is so toxic, so dangerous, that an enemy of the United States -- or a storm or some other disrupting event -- could easily cause them to spill out and lay waste to any area nearby.

There are 44 sites deemed by the Environmental Protection Agency to be high hazard, but Boxer said she isn't allowed to talk about them other than to senators in the states affected.

You know what else we shouldn't be told about? What's in cigarettes. It's too dangerous. You know what else? Torture. It's also too dangerous for us commoners to know about. Pandemics, too. And police brutality. And oil spills. And every murder by handgun...


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