Monday, September 28, 2009

Howard Fineman Buys a Talking Point

Newsweek's Fineman apparently heard the RW talking point that says either "Obama is doing too much work!" or "Obama's making too many speeches!" so many times that it became a fact in his head. He writes, "Mr. President, Please Stay Off TV." Sad. The idea that a president is doing too much or is on TV too much is just weird. What does Fineman think presidents are? It's like saying, "Water, please stop being wet."

And could Howard Fineman - who's on the freaking TV every day, it seems - be more presumptuous and arrogant than by saying to the president of the U.S. that he should stay off the TV? What an ass.

Just think of the reverse: If Obama was on TV less - the RW talking point would be "Why is Obama hiding?" And Fineman would have to write a column about that.



Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

It's like criticizng Lady Gaga for her wardrobe or whining about Bill Maher because he's sarcastic.

LT said...