Friday, March 18, 2011

Six Ways Fukushima is Not Chernobyl

One list here; my list here:

1. The Chernobyl disaster took place in the Ukraine, in what was then the USSR. The Fukushima disaster is taking place in Japan, a much more densely populated country than the Ukraine.

2. The Fukushima plant's reactors have containment units, Chernobyl's didn't. (If containment units at Fukushima fail, please see "Five Ways Fukushima is Not Chernobyl.")

3. There wasn't a major catastrophe already happening in the region around Chernobyl.

4. Fukushima is on an ocean. Chernobyl wasn't.

5. Everybody already knew long before the Chernobyl accident that the people running the plant there dangerously skirted safety rules.

6. Fukushima starts with "F." Chernobyl starts with "C." Other words that start with "F" include fuckedfuuu-huuuu-ck!FAIL, and four-year-olds.


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LT said...

Reining in exaggeration and hype is a good thing, I just want to note, but that's true of the other direction. The entry on the list at TPM about the containment units, for example, is - at this point, when many, many people in the know on such things have expressed deep fears about the containment units - is just strange.