Saturday, August 06, 2011

I Miss Michael Hedges

Went to an open mike last night (at the Terrey Hills Tavern). A guy there played Michael Hedges style guitar, and quite well, surprisingly. I saw Hedges two or three times, at the Oregon Country Fair, in the early 1990s. I have never seen anybody glow the way Michael Hedges did when he played. Just unbelievable power, palpable, incandescent joy in his performances. (And when I first saw him I said, "He does this standing up? No way!") Such a rotten loss when he went, in such an awful way.

This is my favorite song of his:


Chessley Sexton said...

One of our favorite memories was Hedges and Bela Fleck at the Britt and Samar ran onto the stage to put a daisy necklace around his neck and a kiss on his cheek before security could move in. He was most gracious!

LT said...

Aw. Beautiful.