Friday, July 21, 2006

I've Been Comment Spammed

About 60 comments at once. All spam. I've had to activate word veriftication. Sucks.


Jus got my CDBaby account set up and they've set up my site. Very cool. I even got a bar code for the CD—for only $20. If you have your own music to sell, I recommend these guys.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Memory Lane is a Street on the Internet

Varanasi: I kept saying, "What the hell was that"? The crowds on the ghats and in the water, the colors and smell and the sound; nobody else in the boat would see them. They'd make a beautiful gentle curl out of the water, like the dolphins at Knossos, but they'd be gone so quick I'd only see them out of the corner of my eye; an imprint of a long-nosed water-ghost would be left on half my retina. Years later I was jawdropped, watching the Discovery channel or somthing: I'd been seeing Ganges River Dolphins. Unbelievable.

Damn. Gotta go to work. I've also gotta go through the old photo albums, see what I can find. Here's a Gosainkund extra. I got altitude sickness, decided to lie down in the snow, take off my socks and warm my feet for a while. Godamighty, I don't know how I made it down. When I did the two nice young girls who were the only inhabitants of the chesse-factory town made me omelets, with mushrooms they'd picked "in the jungle."

Monday, July 03, 2006

A Sage Enters the Net Neutrality Fray

Sage Meadows wants you. (Would you rather be had by this guy?) And she recommends these links:

Hey, wait a second. I forgot to tell you that the world would be a better place if every single person on the planet sat down and heard Sage sing. Honest.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

I Just Thought About Warren Zevon

So I went and found a clip. 1989. Enjoy. (Comes in loud.)

So many good ones! Here's another one, just having a good time in the studio with Bruce Springsteen.

Anyone know where I can find a video of Mohammed's Radio?

It's a Little World

An anecdote, if I may.

So I'm downtown with Christine last week just walking and looking and we run into Bob and Danella the Evoniuks—Bob played the amazing dobro on my CD Bottomfeeders, as well as singing backup on the title track—and Danella says, "Oh my God, I've wanted to see you! I was driving to Seattle a couple of weeks ago..."

Background now needed. I have several songs up on The PodSafe Music Network, a place where podcasters from around the globe can grab songs of their choosing for their podcasts. I've been grabbed by 30 or 40 so far over the months from various locales around the world, such as The Hour of Dave from right here at home, Antecubital Liposuction from I don't know where, the JuLi Podcast from Z├╝lpich, Germany, and MadPod with JADonnelly out of NYC.

And a knitting podcast out of Wales.

Yup. A Knitting podcast. "Popular knitting culture deconstructed, news, views and podsafe Knit-Tunes. Hosted by Brenda Dayne."

Brenda has quite a following and does an excellent show, so I'm told. She played my song Inside Joke for her listeners in early June. (Many thanks, Brenda Dayne.)

So back to Danella. Christine and I run into Bob and Danella as we're walking and looking downtown in small town Oregon and Danella says, "Oh my God, I've wanted to see you!" Seems she was driving up to Seattle in early June, and, like any normal person, she was listening to her favorite podcast.

A knitting podcast.

Out of Wales…

Things like that make my skin crawl.

Lazy Sunday

Republic of Dogs says Happy Canada Day to our friends up North.

Bra of the Week and so much more from Avedon Carol.

Glenn Greenwald on the latest NYTimes plot discovered by right-wing bloggers. Hint: they're helping the terrorist's assassinate Cheney and Rumsfeld…in their vacation homes!

Talking Points Memo on the Air Force's new program: “Automated Ontologically-Based Link Analysis of International Web Logs for the Timely Discovery of Relevant and Credible Information.” Translation: They read the blogs.

TalkLeft on Addington's Disease.

France beats Brazil. Steve Gilliard kicks it in.

Dengre at DKos on Abramoff, and the Inspector General's just released report.