Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Oregonians for Honest New Mexicans

I hereby announce the launch of the brand new and extremely great political action committee, Oregonians for Honest New Mexicans.

Thank you.

I'm launching the committee in response to a bunch of lying New Mexicans I read about over here (via over there). They call themselves New Mexicans for Honest Courts, but that title is a GREAT BIG NEW MEXICAN LIE. And this proud honest Oregonian ain't gonna take it.

The Lying New Mexicans for New Mexican Lies put out this ad, which is, according to their mandate, full of lies and distortions.

And just who runs this river of New Mexican lies? Linda Chavez Krumland, says the Web site.

Now I haven't confirmed this, but I'm pretty sure that Linda Chavez Krumland, with her husband Tom, run a Toyota dealership in Roswell. I mean I'm really pretty fantantiscally sure.

[UPDATE: CONFIRMED Here's the reg. form for this PAC of lies, with phone number, and here's the phone number entered into Google. Roswell Toyota.]

And you simply will not believe this:

The owner of Roswell Toyota offered an apology Thursday to local veterans upset about a fighter-jet flyover at the grand opening of a car dealership Nov. 10.

An Air National Guard flyover for the opening of an auto dealership? WTF? He got the flyover with help from a buddy in Congress, Rep. Daniel Foley—who had turned down a flyover for the Veterans administration!

But wait there's more!

Tom Krumland said he had invited the entire public to the grand opening event on a radio program but not veterans groups specifically.

“Let me apologize if we offended anyone,” he said, adding that there was nothing he would ever exclude veterans from.

What did this patriotic and honest court-loving New Mexican say?

Santiago Vasquez, junior vice commander of the VFW post, said New Mexico veterans were “incensed” by the flyover and comments made by Krumland to KOB-TV.

In a Feb. 1 story on the KOB-TV Web site, Krumland, in reference to the flyover, said, “If we offended anybody, then they’re unpatriotic.”

That would be unpatriotic veterans he was referring to.

More later...


Aaron said...

Hi Little Thom,

I posted a piece about this scurrilous ad & group in my DailyKos diary AaroninNM. You might be interested in the info and comments there.

The PAC is largely funded by conservative oil interests.


Anonymous said...

The link describes a fatal auto accident which may have resulted in a state court lawsuit against Krumland Toyota.

Anonymous said...

Case was scheduled to go to trial in late April.

D-0101-CV-2005-1907 (case settled 01-22-07)
Gladys Rivera, as Personal Representative of the estate of Moises Rivera, et al. vs. General Motor Corporation and Krumland Company, LLC, dba Roswell Toyota
Docket Call (jury)
Walter J. Melendres/David M. Prichard-Daniela Gonzales Aldape-Antony A. Avey/Jacob G. Vigil/Michael R. Cowen-Conrad A. Bodden-David A. Sanchez-Michael J. Blandhard

Little Thom said...

Not sure how I see the relevance of that one.