Friday, February 13, 2009

Buffalo/Clarence Center Plane Crash [updtd]

Shit. That's so close to where I grew up and where most of my family lives it's scary. My one sister's dog woke her up; he doesn't like sirens. My other sister, and her husband, both firefighters, were called to the scene, though I believe they were there as extras, as it were.

You'd have to know that area to know how lucky - and unlucky - this crash was. Check out this map. The plane managed, in all that empty rural space, to hit a house. I mean there is a lot of nothing out there. This is very rural, not city of Buffalo. But, it hit a house on Long Street, right in the center of the town of Clarence Center - and it only hit one house. Houses right next to it were fine.

Crap. My condolences to everyone who has gotten horrible news today. Especially the family and friends of Beverly Eckert, who are reliving a terrible tragedy.

Update: Damn. My baby sister just emailed and said the plane went down around the corner from where she went to elementary school. Friggin goosebumps.

Update: Just talked to my brother. His house is a about a quarter mile from the crash site. Jeez.

More from CNN. Video from Buffalo News here.

The names of the deceased are coming out. Damn. More.

WGRZ. Anchor can't take it.


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