Saturday, May 12, 2007

Coulter Helped by FBI Agent—and Ex?

A shining example of Modern Republican hubris - and hopefully its disastrous costs - from one of Modern Republicans' media darlings, Ann Coulter.

If you haven't heard about the alleged voter fraud case involving Coulter, this site will give you some background as well as the update.

Coulter, we heard in the last few days, had her voter fraud case closed when a mysterious FBI agent interceded on her behalf. That raised some eyebrows - and some new allegations. Go read. It seems the agent, Jim Fitzgerald, was once Coulter's boyfriend. And the FBI is now investigating why he got involved.

Think about it: A Republican who makes he living touting her own "morality" getting caught in a simple crime and now potentially involved in another, and far worse, crime.

It is the perfect representation of the Modern Republican movement: hypocrisy, hubris, mendacity, corruption...

Oh, and a Jim Fitzgerald testified against the 9/11 conspirators.

That brings a few things to mind...


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