Friday, November 02, 2007

"Send Wounded Soldiers to Baghdad" [Updtd]

If you're not already convinced that the Modern Republican party has been hijacked by a bunch of broken sociopaths who have lost even a trace of human decency and thoughtfulness, check this or this out.

"Let's replace these reluctant Nellies with America's finest citizens," he said in a statement. "Our wounded warriors will serve our country efficiently, effectively and with undying patriotism."

In an attempt to diss State Department employees for their wholly understandable resistance to being sent to Baghdad - against their will - Hunter suggests we send guys and gals already wounded in Iraq back to Iraq.

What a freaking genius.

It's not like they haven't done enough or anything. Or that State Department vets are resisting the postings because they've determined that there's not a damn thing they can do in the mess that is Baghdad except be wounded or killed, so sending already wounded soldiers there might just be freaking idiotic.

God. What is wrong with these people?

UPDATE: Juan Cole says: "Time to Close the US Embassy."


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