Friday, May 23, 2008

Radical Christians Pissed at McCain

The sweet and kind people who follow pastors like the two John McCain sought the endorsements of and then rejected the endorsements of are pissed. Some sweetness and light from the minds of the scorned:

Yesterday I wrote a blog about how John McCain is completely losing the Christian vote, and apparently doesn't care. After being on the pro-homosexual "Ellen Degeneres Show" yesterday, McCain didn't stop at promoting his Anti-Christian campaign. McCain went on to reject Pro-Israel pastor John Hagee, for comments made considering "end times prophesy". And now McCain has rejected the only other serious endorsement from Christians, Pastor Rod Parsley.

Apparently Parsley dared to call Islam an anti-Christ religion, and he also said that Islam is a religion of violence. How could he be so insensative? I mean Islam didn't destroy the USS Cole, wait... yeah it did. But it wasn't Islam that bombed the World Trade Center in the early 90's, wait... yeah it was. It wasn't Islam that destoryed London in 2005 though, wait... uh yeah it was. But of course 9-11... YEP ISLAM.

That's some pure, unadulterated Christianity right there. Next thing you know they'll be turning the other cheek into swords. Or something.

[Pissed off baby sculpture sold seperately.]



Bpaul said...

your choice of graphic is priceless sir

LT said...

Heagh. Thanks.