Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Scott McClellan Had a Black Baby With a Whore

The backstabbing Bushites are in full swing over Scott McClellan's late grab for cash.

May they all win the fight.



Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Ain't they never heard that there's no honor amongst thieves?

And Scott's not so dim as to not understand that he's got to make his money now ... while he's still unindicted or before his former friends throw him under the bus. He beat them to it on that one.

Bpaul said...

"May they all win the fight."

here here LOL

I think all his "I was duped" crying is a bit ingenuous don't you?

LT said...

I don't know. My first reaction was strongly negative - the bastard not only took part in the deception he did it sneeringly at those who were right. I've since watched the interview on MSNBC and part of one on CNN and he actually seems to be in a state of regret and want to do something good. But he could just be a good liar - he was POTUS's PS, after all.

I've moved on to: What do I care? I don't know and don't care about Scott McClellan's motivations. If the book brings the truth under brighter lights and to more people then I hope it sells a billion copies. It ain't about McClellan.

Great post on your marriage the other day, by the way. You're quite an interesting dude.

I'll say more about your knife post over there.

Bpaul said...

I like your attitude, soon I won't care either and will look toward the greater good. I think I'm still moving through the process you describe LOL.

I agree completely though, the more truth out there the better, and the better publicized the better.

Glad you enjoy the blog, I never know what will be interesting to people so I just write whatever comes up LOL.