Friday, January 23, 2009


I spent some months in Israel many years ago. I ate good food, drank good booze, smoked the world's best hashish, stayed on a friend's family's kibbutz for a few days, went to his sister's big, traditional Jewish wedding, was treated at a Jerusalem hospital for a condition you don't want me to go into, walked the narrow streets of the Old City for hours and hours, sat in the strange bare rooms of temples I can't remember the names of, swam/floated on the Dead Sea, froze my ass off in Lake Tiberias - I loved Israel. I loved the feel of it, the music of it, the smell of it - I loved it.

That said now: Does the Israeli government think they'll get anything but a reputation as inhuman monsters out of what they've done and are still doing in Gaza? I just do not understand this.


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