Friday, January 23, 2009

New Video of Plane on the Hudson

This is kind of funny. There's no sound, but you can almost hear the person with the camera, who appears to be filming a docked barge, say, "What the...?" as the camera snaps up and just misses the plane going down. And even though you don't see the plane hit, the video tells you a lot: the line on the surface of the water shows that the pilot must have been able to skim the plane lightly along the water for a very long way, and as the camera zooms in - it's just a plane floating calmly on the surface. (Just? Wll, you get the drift.) It's all very non-traumatic, from this view. And you can even see people pop out of the emergency exits in just seconds.

Bonus: "Obamas Juggle Inaugural Balls." Ahem.


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