Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Scott J. Bloch Must Appoint Another Special Counsel [Updated x2]

Updated May 8, 2008, here.

As I just noted below, an official Karl Rove investigat
ion has begun. It's being run by Scott J. Bloch, the Special Counsel in charge of the Office of Special Counsel.

As noted in the L.A. Times story, Bloch will be heading an investigation into:

...the firing of at least one U.S. attorney, missing White House e-mails, and White House efforts to keep presidential appointees attuned to Republican political priorities...

Scott J. Bloch:

On June 26, 2003, President George W. Bush nominated Scott J. Bloch for the position of Special Counsel at the U.S. Office of Special Counsel. The U.S. Senate unanimously confirmed Mr. Bloch on December 9, 2003. On January 5, 2004, he was sworn in to serve a five-year term.

How can someone appointed by President Bush be trusted to investigate presidential appointees? He can't. Bloch must remove himself from this investigation and appoint an outside investigator/Special Counsel for this case.

Call your Members of Congress. Tell them to demand that Bloch step aside.

More on Scott Bloch.

UPDATE: This is rich: the investigator is already under investigation.

UPDATE II: More here.

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