Tuesday, July 24, 2007

AJ in Amercablog Out of the Closet

Quite the impressive bio.

Last spring, I left the Defense Intelligence Agency (essentially the spy arm of the Department of Defense) where I was an Intelligence Officer for the Iraq office. I joined DIA wanting to contribute to the defense and security of my country, and I left convinced that the system -- and especially the Iraq office -- was politicized and manipulated to such a degree that we were doing more harm than good. When I resigned, I wanted to put to use my experience both in the field in Iraq and at the Pentagon to help advance reality-based security and foreign policies, and John was kind enough to offer me a place here to do just that.

In my establishment life, I’m a Fellow at the National Security Network, a fantastic organization run by Rand Beers, a former Marine and 35 year veteran of the civil service who resigned from the National Security Council just days before we invaded Iraq.

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