Sunday, July 29, 2007

An Email to Mark Steyn

At the The Corner:

Mr. Steyn

I don't get you. You posted about a guy who admitted to burning a Koran - as "art" - and then about a guy who stole two Korans and put them in toilets, and was much later caught and arrested [First link.]. You then say:

"Obviously Mr Shmulevich should have submerged it in his own urine, applied for an NEA grant and offered it to the Whitney Biennial."

And you add a link to LGF.

It's not clear what you're saying. You seem to be in agreement with LGF. They and their commenters are repeatedly writing about how putting a cross or a bible in urine - as "art" - is okay, so there's some sort of grand hypocrisy here. But your post about the burnt Koran (that guy wasn't arrested) seems to show that that argument is silly. Yet you make that statement, and give the link?



Thom (Someone who thinks you're a loon, but reads you now and then anyway.)

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Anonymous said...

Hey buddy,

Reading some of your earlier post. Let me help.

It is called sarcasm.

Burning the Koran: hate crime

Putting a symbol of the christians in your own urine: not a hate crime

He was pointing out the juxtaposition.

It goes with a theme:

Muslims: perpetually enraged about every perceiced grievance.

Christians: tolerant to weird art.