Friday, July 20, 2007

Bonds Will Retire

Barry Bonds hit 2 HRs yesterday, bringing him to a total of 753. Damn, that's a lot of home runs.

Here's my breaking news on this: Barry Bonds will retire from baseball when he gets to 754 home runs, just one shy of Henry Aaron, so Hammerin' Hank can keep the cherished all time record. Bonds will round the bases with a smile on his face, tip his hat to the crowd, and, even if it's still the first inning, he will walk through the dugout, through the locker room, out the back door, and out of active professional baseball forever.

This will obliterate any questions about Bonds regarding "cheating" via steroids, and will actually make him one of baseball's most loved characters of all time.

Way to go, Barry. Way to go.

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