Thursday, August 09, 2007

No End in Sight

A review from Village Voice of Charles Ferguson's new documentary:

Masterfully edited and cumulatively walloping, Charles Ferguson's No End in Sight turns the well-known details of our monstrously bungled Iraq war into an enraging, apocalyptic litany of fuckups. One may have already heard some or all of the appalling details that Ferguson collects—the well-connected American kid plucked straight out of Georgetown to oversee the Baghdad traffic plan, the $2 trillion price tag, the estimated 700,000 Iraqi civilian casualties—and still be driven to hysterics by the sheer volume of atrocity gathered here. Ferguson's early title card—"It is a story in which many people tried to save a nation"—may be overly generous toward the doc's talking-head roster of former U.S. military officials and other administrative casualties of war, but No End in Sight is certainly a film about failure, perhaps the ultimate film about failure. Or maybe a film about the ultimate failure?

And a clip:


Anonymous said...

what, am i the only one to leave a comment?

How old are you?

The 700,000 figure is from where, again? That comes out to more than 450 people a day! That is the average. There would be some days with more, some days with less.

When was the last time you opened the paper and read "500 Iraqi's killed today" or "Only 230 Iraqi's killed today"

That is 450 people every single day! And yet I have not seen even one single headline that comes this close.

Get your head screwed on straight for Gork's sake! This is a lie a 5 year old could figure out!

Little Thom said...

That's great. Anonymous is asking me how old I am.


Anonymous said...

Hey buddy,

I am here to help. You need your head put on right.

You engaged in an ad hominem fallacy and failed to answer the crux of the argument.

Where are the headlines of 450 Iraqi's dying every single day?

This is not a backward amazon tribe. It is a semi-civilized country with birth/death records, hospitals, morgues, and cemeteries.

In short, where are the bodies?

Little Thom said...

I engaged in no such fallacy. I put up a link to a review and quoted from the review. Take it up with the filmmaker.

But I'd drop the part about "Where were the headlines?" That's a bit daft. And the birth/death records - are you serious? Oy.

If you want to argue numbers of civilians killed - knock your self out. It's not the crux of an argument, it's a a point of a larger one. Would you be happier with 300,000? 150,000?

Anonymous said...

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