Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Researchers Find Cancer-Supressing Gene

From Canada:

The team, led by Dr. Poul Sorensen, says the gene has the power to suppress the growth of human tumours in multiple cancers, including breast, lung and liver.

The gene, HACE 1, helps cells fight off stress that, left unchecked, opens the door to formation of multiple tumours.

Dr. Sorensen's team found cancerous cells form tumours when HACE 1 is inactive, but when additional stress such as radiation is added, tumour growth is rampant.

Kick-starting HACE 1 prevented those cells from forming tumours.

Radiation stress, it's saying, could in cases be a bad thing. Not exactly news, but to get details of how it works (if that's in fact what this is - it's still brand new research) is a bit chilling.

Let's hope this is a breakthrough.

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