Monday, August 06, 2007

Why the Secrecy in the Duke Cunningham Case?

Who else is Thomas Kontogiannis linked to? Cheney? He has already pleaded guilty to bribery, in a case against somebody already sitting in prison. What else is going on here? Why isn't the press being allowed into this story?

“It's almost Orwellian double-speak,” said Gregg Leslie, the legal defense director for The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press. “They say, 'We need secrecy, but the reason we need secrecy is also secret, so we can't tell you.' ”

This guy is not just guilty of bribery, he's guilty of bribing a sitting U.S. congressman - and on matters involving defense contractors. Big defense contractors. There is enormous reason for this story to be covered and covered in depth. It has profound implications on a profound subject: national security. Why isn't this front page news.?

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