Thursday, November 06, 2008

Joe the Plumber Benefitted From Welfare

This just gets weirder and funnier. Joe the Plumber admits that his family received welfare as a child (as did mine), and that they eventually got off it and did alright for themselves (mine, too!). This doesn't quite square with the anti-government talking points he's been making since he willingly thrust his head before the oncoming train of the media during a presidential election, and he can't quite understand what's happening when the train makes contact:

1) Joe slams the idea of "taking money from people and giving it to someone else"

2) Alan Colmes asks him about his own family receiving welfare

3) Joe the Plumber looks as if he accidently filled his canteen with Drano for a couple seconds, then says "Paid into welfare ... it's something to be used, not abused, like it often is, Alan..."

4) The sound of a toilet flushing can be heard from inside Joe the Plumber's head as he realizes that he's just made a complete fool of himself. Once again.

I'm going to call him "Joe the Palin" from now on.


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Anonymous said...

Why is Joe the Plumber still around?