Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday Sonata XVII: Redbone

My 17th Saturday Sonata is up at The Peace Tree, this week a reposting and expansion of a post I did here a year ago or so, featuring the 1970s band, Redbone.



RogueandPoet said...

Hi LT,

I want to make contact with you for a couple of reasons. I've started a Rogue Valley website for the purpose of promoting local artists, musicians, authors and poets. My site is similar to a couple of Ashland websites, nevertheless I'm joining the dance. I've already linked your blog on my blog page and would like to include you in my "Rogues Gallery" which is a listing of artists links. I'm just not sure where to list you or to what link. Could you stop by the site and drop me a line?


John Eyler

thepoetryman said...