Saturday, March 01, 2008

Canadian Scandal Growing

Later update.

Updating this post, we get more today.

Background: A soon-to-be released book says that in 2005 respected Tory (conservative) Canadian politician Chuck Cadman, who happened to be dying of cancer at the time, was offered by the Tories a life insurance policy in exchange for a key vote against the Liberals. He refused. His widow has backed the story up. Now his daughter is backing it up and with a very compelling story:

The daughter of former MP Chuck Cadman has backed her mother's claim that Conservative officials offered the terminally ill MP "financial considerations" in exchange for his vote.

Jodi Cadman said yesterday her father had not wanted to publicly reveal a Conservative offer of a $1-million life insurance policy because the political fallout would have overwhelmed him. He was near death from skin cancer at the time.

"All of this, this circus, would have been happening for the last weeks of his life," she said in an interview with Canwest News Service. "What would they want, cameras around his deathbed? He didn't want that. He was dying."

Wow. Harper is on tape admitting he knew about about this. Heads are going to roll.


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