Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Prisoner Can't See His Dying 10-year-old

Update: Video and contact info for prison below.

Update II: Posted at Daily Kos with more links.

Crappy story.

Jayci Yaeger has late stage brain cancer. Her father, Jason Yaeger, is in federal prison on methamphetamine charges. The guy is due to be released to a half-way house in August - less than five months away - but they won't give him an "extraordinary circumstances" 30-day release to see his near-dead daughter.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons Web site states its policy -- that furloughs can be allowed for a family crisis and that decision is left to the warden.

"We've asked them numerous times, 'What is an extraordinary circumstance?'" said Vonda Yaeger. "They danced around it. They don't give you a direct answer.

What could possibly be more extraordinary?

Update: Contact info for this federal (you pay for it) prison:

MapQuest® Map and Directions1

Phone: 605-665-3262
Fax: 605-668-1113
E-mail address: YAN/EXECASSISTANT@BOP.GOV2 [update: email doesn't seem to work] UPDATED: Try this: yan/execassistant@

Go ahead - give them a call and be real nice and tell them you think they should let the guy be with his daughter because she's dying of cancer and she really wants to see him.


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Tom said...

Let's see what kind of heart President Bush and the Warden have. This is a Federal Prison. President Bush could make it happen with one phone call.