Friday, August 01, 2008

"Major Discovery" in Solar Energy

Say scientists at MIT:

Requiring nothing but abundant, non-toxic natural materials, this discovery could unlock the most potent, carbon-free energy source of all: the sun. "This is the nirvana of what we've been talking about for years," said MIT's Daniel Nocera, the Henry Dreyfus Professor of Energy at MIT and senior author of a paper describing the work in the July 31 issue of Science. "Solar power has always been a limited, far-off solution. Now we can seriously think about solar power as unlimited and soon."


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Anonymous said...

Hello again! Just wanted to let you know that Novotech of Acton, Massachusetts has won a US Patent for a revolutionary solar thermal power system breakthrough. We know your Administration is always looking for Massachusetts companies who are making headway and Novotech is Exceptional!

As you might have heard from our working colleagues at MIT this Solar Thermal Road Power System uses existing roads and parking lot asphalt to gather radiant heat and transfer it to power transformers that directly create electric power! We call it ...
S.u.c.c.e.s.s. = Solar Unlimited Collecting Efficiency Supply System!

And the unique property of Efficiency is that it actually cools as it works!
We believe it is the answer to global warming - right here from a Massachusetts Company!!!

We are developing a working model of this patented process in Charlestown, MA and Holyoke, MA to be online generating very shortly. Novotech's President & CEO Mike Huien is the US Patent holder and is projecting a $120 Million industry in the first two years of development adding more than 17,000 jobs! ROI is less than one-year!!

Here is a link to a 20-second slideshow.

If you have any questions please let me know.
This really will be a jewel in your answers to our energy needs in Massachusetts and worldwide!

Shortly I will send you Acrobat Files that you may review which explain specifics.
May we visit you with a formal presentation?