Friday, August 08, 2008

Russia Invades Georgia


Georgia's president said Friday that his country is under attack by Russian tanks and warplanes, and he accused Russia of targeting civilians as tensions over the breakaway Georgian region of South Ossetia appeared to boil over into full-blown conflict.

Background: South Ossetian Separatism in Georgia:

The region of South Ossetia lies in the north central part of Georgia and is home to an ethnic group distinct from both the Georgians and Russians. When Georgia came under Soviet rule in 1923, the Soviet government granted South Ossetia the status of being the South Ossetian Autonomous Oblast (SOAO) within the Soviet Republic of Georgia. At the same time, North Ossetia was left under the domain of Russia, thus splitting Ossetia into Northern and Southern regions. Therefore, since the break-up of the Soviet Union, the South Ossetians, have been attempting to gain independence since November 1989 when the SOAO Council sent a letter to the Georgian Supreme Soviet demanding to be unified with North Ossetia, mostly out of concern regarding Georgian nationalism and subsequent second class treatment.

Putin tells Bush in Beijing, "war has started".


Anonymous said...

I was watching CNN this morning, the Saakashvili interview, and for the first time ever it downed on me how biased any US news channels are. You have blatan lies told into your face by the guy who started the war, and all the reporter could do was to TRY to ask one direct question ("Did you order the troops to attack?"), don't get the answer and DOES NOT FOLLOW THROUGH!!!
Moreover, I tried to check out news on a site that brings other sides' (Abkhazia and Osetia) view at - and guess what? The site was hosted by some US hosting company - and it is SUSPENDED now, but was working fine for the last 7 or so years!!!... CNN folks - you became just another FOX News shop (the one famous for being the voice of the administration), shame on you... And yes, I post as anonymous - finished Solzhenizin's "GULAG Archipelag". Who knows, I live in the US, with all the listening into, etc. - just don't want to go to Guantanamo...

wondersz1 said...

South Osetia, Georgia - Georgia has finally explicitly shown its true intention in foreign policy - attack and kill innocent people in Southern Osetia. Hundreds of people are currently under fire from Georgian side. Neighbour states, such as Russia, are struggling to help. The intention is clear: just render help to the people that are currently in struggles. I really don't know why it is presented as an attempt to occupy territories by most news agencies. I just do not believe that a country that has always made efforts to intensify peace in the region. Moreover, Russia has sent humanitarian aid, the troops being only the result of Georgian army shooting Russian peace-keeping forces.
President Saakashvily has given an order - kill innocent people - by commiting a treacherous attack on civilians, not military forces. How can such a man appear on the screen of leading news broadcasting agencies and say his country is under attack. The current conflict has been initiated by Georgian government and distorted by news agencies.

Dan said...

The UN Council meeting didn't produce any results, which basically means that it is ok for Russia to continue its ethnic cleansing of Georgians. Everyday that goes by, make me sure that the world is going to stop when Barack Obama becomes president. He could be the next Messiah. There are tell tale signs of this. We are amidst WWIII. If Mccain is president, there will be a civil war in the US. Our troops overseas will stop fighting, only to come back home to fight again. This world is in crisis, energy crisis. Perhaps, those who last the next global holocaust will not be in an energy crisis, considering the fact that most of the world's population will be reduced in number as a result of this third world war. I hope I make it out alive, because I'd like to have a bunch of land to farm in the freshly tilled organic bloodstained soil.

Anonymous said...

Saakashvily kill innocent people!
Под суд саакашвили. Надо поддерживать Россию а не херней заниматься. Заебали миротворцы, не лезлиб лучше

Dr. Ted Baehr said...

How are you people so fucking calm, this is 9/11 all over again but with an invasion!! RUSSIANS FUCKING INVADED GEORGIA! They could be razing Atlanta to the ground, and we're doing shit-fuck all to stop them! Enlist now and let's drive these Reds outta our South, this is just like that documentary Red Dawn from the 1980s.

Anonymous said...


No, Georgians invaded Ossetia. Ossetia has been independent since 1992. America gives weapons to Georgia to attack and kill innocent people. Terrorists!

Anonymous said...

Сука ты Швили настоящий Сукашвили!

Anonymous said...

Сука ты Швили настоящий Сукашвили!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Ted Baehr, don't worry. Your Georgia is fine. They are talking about another one, not the US state. Just get your 6 pack and relax.

Alexander said...

8.08.2008 - 20:23
Appeal to the Governments and peoples of the world
Our people have been systematically exterminated for the past 19 years by the fascist Georgian regime, and their inhuman atrocities have been neglected by the world for the sake of geopolitical interest of the United States.

The conflict is being resolved in compliance with international law. However, skillfully applying falsification of historical facts and political insinuations, under a patronage from the US government, Georgia misrepresents reality to the world.

As of today, the major part of South Ossetia has been eradicated by Georgian aggressors. Our elderly, women and children continue to die. The total death toll is unknown as the Georgian side was opening heavy fire at those trying to help the wounded. Including children.

The unmatched Georgian brutality has been vividly displayed in 1991-1992, when they have been firing point-blank at South Ossetian civilians – the Zar tragedy can never be forgotten, a bus full of people shot dead - elderly, women and children. They shot a three-year-old boy trying to hide under his mother’s body.

What can we talk about with Georgia? How can we forgive burying people alive, burning people, and torturing people with refined methods? After all this, the world is silent and the Georgians continue killing innocent people. Saakashvili doesn’t feel sorry for anybody, even his compatriot Georgians. The notions of "people" and "meat" are not too different for him, and probably he prefers the latter.

For South Ossetia there is only one way to survival - a recognition of its independence by the world community. We appeal to all the good people in the world not to be indifferent to the fate of the Ossetian people.