Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Mars Bummer [Updtd]

I still believe.

NASA's Phoenix lander has discovered a toxic chemical in soil near Mars' north pole, dimming hopes for finding life on the Red Planet, the probe's operators said Monday.

They are going to find life on Mars. I bet my - well, nothing, actually - I simply say that they will find bacteria or some other single celled organisms on Mars. With or without their precious perchlorate. Perchlorate? Friggin' perchlorate? Bacteria could eat that stuff for breakfast.

You wait. They will find it.

Update: This abstract contains this quote:

[Bacteria] Strain CKB can grow in chlorate and perchlorate concentrations of 80 or 20 mM respectively.

See what I'm saying? Percholorate, smercholorate.

Each and every one of them is over my head, but there are many links regarding percholorate and bacteria for any scientists out there.



Anonymous said...

OK, The ship did not parachute in it had to fire engines to land so could this be left over remanents of fuel compounds from the landing that contaminated the soil?

LT said...

Yes, it seems they're saying that.

Much more to look at.