Saturday, September 27, 2008

So Long, Paul Newman

One of the good guys.

Now here's something interesting: Haaretz has the story under the headline (at least on the Google page), Legendary Jewish American actor Paul Newman dies aged 83. I don't think I ever knew he was Jewish.

Oh, funny. His mother was Catholic, his father Jewish. He considered himself Jewish, he said, because it was "more of a challenge." (From this 11-page TIME article on Newman from December, 2006.)

A tribute over at Newman's Own.

And an interview. "Couple hundred million I guess."

And another, regarding Newman's Own specifically:



Anonymous said...

One day again we will see those piercing blue eyes. I know Joanne is inconsoleable. He was once the best looking man in the world. Before he left this earth he left a legacy of what people should be. Givers to people less fortunate. God let him stay so long because he was working for God. Now He will let him rest. Charity and caring were his middle names. He was a wonderful guy! He will be missed.

Anonymous said...

I went to a homecoming parade this evening in Dansville, NY and amidst all the floats and bands were 2 children carrying a banner thanking Paul Newman for his contributions to the lives of children. Well done!