Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Arguing With Large Pieces of Wood

When you're fighting a political army that that has "Tea Party" rallies against "too much government spending!!!" - and they actually support Republicans - what do you do? It's like arguing with wood. Honestly. If you showed a Tea Partier this chart (click to enlarge), it would mean nothing to them. It would change nothing. (And I agree with them on too much spending!)

It is impossible to win arguments with wood. Wood always wins.

And it's not just Tea Partiers. Check this out, from the great minds at the Washington Post, concerning last night's Republican win in Massachusetts:

"Voters, not just in Massachusetts and certainly not just in the Republican Party, are worried about government spending. Budget deficits and the national debt alarm many Americans, and rightly so."

Voters are worried about spending! And rightly so! That's why a Republican won last night!

Jesus in a freaking burkha - what do you do?

P.S. Last night was one of the biggest Republican victories in decades. They now have 41 seats in the Senate. The Dems: only 59. Sigh.

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