Monday, January 25, 2010

Many Dark Actors [updt]

The Bush-Blair legacy gets darker and darker. More here:

"The official heading an inquiry into the suspicious death of a British weapons inspector who cast doubts on the main argument for invading Iraq has secretly ordered all evidence locked up for 70 years.

Lord Hutton, who chaired the 2003 inquiry, which controversially concluded that Doctor David Kelly's death has been a suicide, secured a 70-year seal on all major evidence, including medical records — none of which had ever been made public.

The unprecedented move was revealed last week, sparking fresh uproar and allegations of a government cover-up, since by 2073 anyone with the least interest, or stake, in the case will probably be long dead.

Kelly was mysteriously found dead in the woods near his Oxfordshire home in July 2003, just days after his name was leaked as the source of a pre-war BBC documentary that undermined the now-notorious 45-minute dossier as highly exaggerated."

David Kelly may have killed himself - how the hell would I know? But a 70-year seal on medical records? That protects national security how? This horrible story just got much, much worse.

Emptywheel has much more.

Update, 1/27/10: The medical records will be released to a group of doctors.


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