Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How to Save Health Care Reform

I think the Democrats should turn power over to the Republicans right now so they can fix our broken health care system by cutting taxes, starting unnecessary wars, and driving up the deficit even further than they have in the past.

Sound good?



Anonymous said...

I suppose you prefer letting the Democrats run our health care system, as well as raising taxes, continuing to fund unnecessary wars and increasing the deficit exponentially, right?

That's what we're going through now. Ain't it sweet?

Why don't you post something that takes more than half a brain cell? Here's a starting point: how about some open debate regarding our health care system instead of a group meeting in the dead of night to create a 2000+ page bill that no American will ever see?

Start there...

LT said...

You are a perfect example of the type of people I mention in my very next post. Perfect.