Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tell The Malkin: Oregon Says "Bite Me"

The Malkin and a host of others are wetting their pants over my state's wonderful referendum result last night. The Malkin says "Oregon to Business: Screw You."

Why does The Malkin hate America? Do Republicans now hate Americans voting?

And: Actual Oregon businesses would like to tell The Malkin to shut her f*cking pie hole:

The Oregon Small Business Council, representing about 400 actual small businesses that employ people and put money into local economies and stuff like that, pretty much nailed it (emphasis mine):

"The decision was made that the return on the investment in terms of having quality education for a skilled workforce was deemed to be the right move," says Andrew Plambeck, director of the OSBC. "Small business owners have children in public schools, and we benefit from the services that would be cut if these measures did not succeed."
"This election is being painted as business vs. labor," Plambeck continues. "How it really works out is Big Business vs. Oregonians."

Big Business (and teabag-mentality) against Oregonians. That's exactly what it is.

Here's another actual Oregon business owner (The Malkin doesn't even live here):

I don’t relish paying taxes; nobody does. But I consider them a fair price for doing business in a state that values education. I’m in the communications business, so I depend on educated readers. I wouldn’t do well in a state that didn’t care about its schools.

I believe most business owners would agree that educated, trained, skilled citizens are essential to a strong economy and an attractive quality of life.

The Malkin wouldn't agree with that last sentiment. She needs ugly people to keep her audience strong.


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