Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Rachel Maddow Keeps Digging

Via Huffington Post and related to the Hatch & Limbaugh Lam-inating Service, Air America's Rachel Maddow has been trying to get in touch with Sen. Hatch:

You don't call, you don't write...orrin hatch

I've just about exhausted myself trying to get someone in your office to call me back this week. Please apologize to your adorable receptionist on my behalf - the poor man now gets audibly exasperated as soon as I say "hello".

And as I guessed in the first post:

And second, Carol Lam was an Assistant US Attorney at the time of Clinton's campaigns, and she therefore couldn't have also been a campaign manager for any presidential candidate without violating the (ironically-named) Hatch Act, which restricts political activity by federal government employees.

New definition of the "Hatch Act": Laying an explosive egg on live TV.

There's more, of course, over there. And more Maddow here.

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