Wednesday, April 30, 2008

CNN ÜberFluffs McCain

The headline: Rove: McCain's too private.

Wow! Karl Rove's going after John McCain? Boy, he sure is a non-political unbiased kind of guy! Way to go finding him, CNN. I bet he's going to go after McCain for being too private with his finances. Let's watch:

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, former top Bush adviser Karl Rove called McCain "one of the most private individuals to run for president in history," and said the presumptive Republican nominee must reveal more about his unique life story in order to win the presidency.

"Private people like Mr. McCain are rare in politics for a reason," Rove writes. "Candidates who are uncomfortable sharing their interior lives limit their appeal. But if Mr. McCain is to win the election this fall, he has to open up."

His "unique life story." That's funny! The whole philanderin' into wealth and using it to buy into politics and - hold on:

Specifically, Rove says McCain should reveal more about his wartime heroics and days as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. He also says McCain should spend more time highlighting the fact he and his wife took in a sick Bangladeshi child in 1991, their adopted daughter Bridget.

Well, fine. Never mind. Just never mind.


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thepoetryman said...

This just means that Rove hasn't gotten around to tapping McSame's phone just yet.