Friday, April 04, 2008

Updtd3: Pirates Seize French Cruise Ship Yacht

Update: Hostages released, 4/12.

This is a photo of the seized ship, Le Ponant. (Click for larger.)

Owned or run by Arblaster & Clarke and available for wine tours. Off Somalia. Hopefully there's extra wine for that one.

*** Story now says "cruise yacht", whatever that is. Thirty crew on board, no passengers.

The yacht, the Ponant, "was the victim of an act of piracy early this afternoon as it was sailing between Somalia and Yemen," spokesman Christophe Prazuck said.

The 850-tonne three-masted yacht was carrying around 30 crew but had no passengers on board at the time, Prazuck said.
"As far as we know, no shots have been fired," he said.

French military forces and a US-led task force, both present in the area, "were able to confirm the situation and are following its evolution," he added.

Update, 4/5: French navy after ship.
More info on and photos of Le Ponant.


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