Monday, April 28, 2008

SquidCam: Watch Live as Giant Squid Dissected

From Metafilter:

A team of scientists will be thawing and dissecting a giant and colossal squid between 28 – 30 April.

And you can watch:


Sunday, 27 April: Thawing starts - giant squid removal from freezer

Monday, 28 April: Small colossal squid removal from freezer. Examination of giant squid
3pm: large colossal squid removal from freezer.

Tuesday, 29 April: Examination of giant squid specimen; afternoon: examination of small colossal specimen.

Wednesday, 30 April: Wednesday 10 am - 2 pm: examination of large colossal specimen; 2 pm fixation of specimens in formalin

On May 1 and 2 there are a series of lectures. Here's an example of the video of the dissection table.


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Bpaul said...

Kickass, great catch sir.