Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Iraqi Journalist Bilal Hussein is [*] Free [Updtd]

[* Ordered freed, not free yet.] [4/11: updt]

From Glenn Greenwald (go to updates):

The lawless detention of Bilal Hussein was one of the worst American travesties of the U.S. occupation. He was but one of 24,000 Iraqis (at least) detained without charges. But the fact that he was an AP photojournalist (part of a Pulitzer Prize-winning team covering the war) whose journalism reflected negatively on the Bush administration, and who became controversial (and then lawlessly imprisoned) as a result of that work, made his detention -- imprisoned for over 19 months without even any charges before finally being turned over to an Iraqi court -- that much more reprehensible.

A small step for actual freedom in Iraq, a giant kick in the ass for George W. Bush.

Update: Hotair blogger Allahpundit reports on the story, giving his note the headline Not guilty? Not quite.

Those Warbloggers - constantly putting (other peoples') lives on the line to defend that sacred tenant of democracy: "guilty until somehow found guilty."

(Here's another one. They want him so bad to be guilty of something - anything - simply so they can justify their Jihad! against AP. Strange, demented children.)


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