Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Lost Nukes Story Back

That story was just too bizarre. This guy (via) says a lot of the obvious but unsaid things about it:

"Let me be very clear here: We are not talking about paintball cartridges or pellet gun ammo. We are talking nuclear weapons."

Stormer doesn't buy reports that the missiles were simply lost. The title of his piece is 'Nuke transportation story has explosive implications.'

"There is a strict chain of custody for all such weapons," he said. "Nuclear weapons handling is spelled out in great detail in Air Force regulations, to the credit of that service. Every person who orders the movement of these weapons, handles them, breaks seals or moves any nuclear weapon must sign off for tracking purposes."

I think they're Cheney's personal nuclear bombs. (Which should scare people more than the thought of Ahmadinejad having them.)


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