Saturday, October 06, 2007

Troops Actually Mistreated - Silence From the RW

It's not a bogus, Left Wing-smearing story about a miscommunication at an airport, it's about 2,600 soldiers getting kicked in the teeth by the Pentagon.

Nearly half the members of one of the longest serving U.S. military units in Iraq are not eligible for a more generous military educational benefit,with some falling one day short of eligibility. [...]

All 2,600 of the soldiers, who returned this year from Iraq, are eligible for money for school under the GI Bill. But nearly half discovered they weren't eligible for a more generous package of benefits available to other soldiers.

They had just finished a 22-month tour, one of the longest on record for the Iraq War. And many of them feel they were brought home one day short - on purpose.

Both Hobot and Anderson believe the Pentagon deliberately wrote orders for 729 days instead of 730. Now, six of Minnesota’s members of the House of Representatives have asked the Secretary of the Army to look into it—So have Senators Amy Klobuchar and Norm Coleman.

Why aren't the RW blogs going apeshit over this? Is it too hard to find a spitting angle?


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