Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mark Hemingway Linked by Malkin - Updated

The National Review Online's Mark Hemingway gets an approving link from Michelle Malkin for his essay, "WHY DO YOU HATE CHILDREN SO MUCH?!"

Malkin linked to it because it suits her perfectly: the premise of the piece is not just steeped in denial and laughably hypocritical, it's embarrassingly easy to be shown as such. (I could go on all day. Really.)

And Mark, I've got to ask you, after you label Graeme Frost a victim of "Manipulated Child Syndrome," why do you hate that 12-year-old boy so much?

Congratulations on the Malkin link.

UPDATE: I really should have highlighted this:

As per one of the major policy critiques of SCHIP, several people have raised questions about the Frost family’s relative need for taxpayer funded insurance, but for Democrats the only important SCHIP question is WHY DO YOU HATE CHILDREN SO MUCH?!

Uh, Mark. The "several people" who "raised questions" WERE ALL WRONG. All of them. You know that, this is sure, but you pretend not to? Ouch, that is so obvious.

And why DO you hate children so much?


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