Thursday, July 23, 2009

How to Not Help a Cop Accused of Being a Racist

If you're a newspaper, don't do the equivalent of saying "Some of his best friends are black!"

The Cambridge cop prominent Harvard University professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. claims is a racist gave a dying Reggie Lewis mouth-to-mouth resuscitation in a desperate bid to save the Celtics superstar’s life 16 years ago Monday.

And he wasn't grossed out or nothin!

Very, very weird.

My only question right now: Why did the cop follow Gates inside the house?

P.S. The officer seems like a reasonable guy. But saying "I won't apologize for arresting a 59-year-old man walking with a cane inside his own house - because he yelled at me and hurt my feelings," is beyond freaking weak. Getting your pride hurt and overreacting - that's human. Defending it? Nope.


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