Friday, July 31, 2009

News Flash: If You Use a Taser on a 72-Year-Old Woman, You're a Coward


Jonathan Turley:

I do not see how the police could view this as a proper use of a taser. Bieze threatens to taser her again if she does not put her hands behind her back. He then tasers her again. He then charges her with resisting arrest.

The video is a textbook example of how tasers have served to escalate the level of force in such encounters. While Bieze might have called for back up or physically restrained Winkfein, he moves almost immediately to the use of the taser. The fact that Constable McCain would watch this video and find (here) that Bieze acted properly raises serious questions of his own judgment.

This is all because she refused to sign a speeding ticket.


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