Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Personal Story About Single Payer Health Care [updtd]

My spouse is from Australia. Her sister still lives there. They both recently had similar, quite invasive (use your imagination) diagnostic medical procedures performed on their lovely selves, my spouse here in the U.S., using my work-based insurance, and sis in Australia, using their national, single payer system. Cost to spouse (and me) and sis', out of pocket:

Spouse: Roughly $3,000

Sister: $95.

Just one example, yes. But a real life one, and one that resonates with us big time.

Update: Lest anyone use this post as research (hello!), I should add this personal story, which I think is an even better example.

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Two quick single payer facts:

Single payer health insurance is a system by which the health care expenditures of an entire population are paid for through one source – the Federal government or a subcontracting entity – using tax revenue from individuals and employers.

Distinctly different from socialized medicine, whereby the government owns and operates health care facilities, a “single payer system” is simply a financing mechanism. The government collects and allocates money for health care but has little to no involvement in the actual delivery of services. Care is provided privately at hospitals and clinics but paid for publicly.



Bayard said...

Amen. Wikipedia has a great, long, well documented article comparing the Canadian single payer system with the current US system. It is very persuasive in favor of single payer. Not only that, but the latest polls show that a majority of both taxpayers and service providers favor this system (even the membership of the American Medical Association).

LT said...

Yep. And we already have a single payer system with Medicare. That should make it very unscary for people here.