Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Sing Out For Single Payer Road Show

I sang a song ("Tracheotomy") for Ashland's version of the Sing Out For Single Payer Road Show last night. Big fun. Good crowd. Good cause. Good music. Good things. Check out the schedule over at the site, and see if there's a show coming your way. Tonight: Bend, Oregon.

Thanks, Anne Feeney, for the invite, and for organizing this inspired tour. I hope the remainder goes fantastically.

And special thanks to The Citizens Band, out of Olympia, Washington, three wonderful performers and human beings who were also part of the festivities, and who spent the night at my place last night, making for a very warm, thought provoking, and funny evening in the LT and Tin Tin household. Cheers, Citizens, thanks for coming to our home.


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