Saturday, July 25, 2009

Professor Gates Insulted Officer Crowley's Mother

The funniest thing - maybe the only funny thing, actually - about the Gates arrest incident is that so many Right Wing pundits, including Juan Williams on NPR this morning, are saying, with shocked outrage, that Gates insulted Officer Crowley's mother. What are they talking about? When Crowley asked Gates to come talk to him outside, Gates said, "I'll talk to yo' mama outside." [Gates says he said no such thing.]

Using the "Yo' mama" thing equals "insulting Crowley's mother." I mean that's just funny.

P.S. Crowley wrote in the police report, "While I was led to believe that Gates was lawfully in the residence, I was surprised and confused with the behavior he exhibited toward me."

Crowley seems like a thoughtful and nice individual, but why was he confused with Gates' anger? He supposedly teaches other cops about racial profiling. He knew Gates was not a burglar, that the 911 call was a mistake - and he was surprised that Gates was angry about being questioned by cops about being in his own home? He didn't break into a window. He didn't have a hammer in his hand. (Only a cane.) He didn't have a mask on. He was just a 59-year-old black guy trying to get his front door open..who got the cops called on him. What the hell does Crowley teach other cops about racial profiling? That it makes black people happy?

And that excerpt from the police report is from before asking for ID. Why did Crowley ask for ID if he believed that Gates was in his own house? Wouldn't the thoughtful, deescalating thing to do at that point be to leave?

Harumph. I'm glad they're going to get together for a beer.



Anonymous said...

As someone who had a break-in recently I think if it had been a real event the home owner would be thankful for the diligence of the neighbors and police force. I know I was and was lucky.
BTW how much is this beer costing the US citizen?

LT said...

Dear anonymous idiot

Gates said from the getgo that he was grateful for the 911 caller.

P.S. Were you arrested inside your house after the break in?

I didn't think so.